Wednesday, August 22, 2012

new school year resolutions

in the past, i would blog almost every day. it was a way to reflect on my day and my eating patterns. i always had a story to share about something that went on in my life. once, i found out i was pregnant last september, i just stopped. i stopped mostly because i was obsessed with being newly pregnant and that was ALL that was on my brain and I wasn't ready to share it with the world yet.

last night, tim and i looked through my blog... we love looking at the most recent posts with Landon and how much he has grown in just two and a half months!!
i hope to start getting on a normal eating/exercising schedule on Tuesday, September 4th. the reason i am waiting until then is for a couple of reasons... first reason. labor day picnics will be all over. second reason. summer picnics in general will be over. third reason. i haven't shared much yet, but will do soon, but i have been going through some health issues and hoping everything will be okay by then.

so even though i am taking a year off from teaching, i am still going to make a couple new school year resolutions.

1. start taking care of this post pregnancy body.
2. try to blog every day.

i want to blog more so i have a little history of my little guy growing up. it goes SO fast and i want to try to capture as much as i can.

speaking of capture... we now have a roller. i thought it was a fluke but he totally did it four times in one day. and then did it the next day too!!


  1. Landon is so adorable!!

    You can totally do it!! I have faith in you.

    1. thank you sarah!

      i love reading your blog!! :)

  2. I'm so jelly (eh, round here that's slang for jealous) that you get to take a year off!! I wanted to, but health insurance would be way too costly to do so, so I had to stick with the 12 weeks of FMLA. Anyways I know exactly what you mean about the baby growing up so fast. Sometimes I have to ask my hubby if our little man seems bigger than the day before because I could swear he hit a growth spurt overnight! I'm serious! My hubby thinks I'm going crazy (well maybe I am). I try to take time each day to just watch him and hold him and hug him and love him up because the time is flying by so fast I feel like I'm barely able to keep up! When he finally grew out of his newborn clothes I had a really hard time believing that the 0-3 month sizes weren't too big! Enjoy your time off! I'll be looking forward to reading your blog and watching your little man grow and develop. :)

    1. i love that our guys are so close in age! i agree about the health insurance being so costly! i didn't realize how good teachers had it until we had to pay for insurance under my husband's job! when do you go back to school?

      enjoy every second you have with your little guy... they do grow up so fast!! :)


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