Thursday, August 9, 2012

nine hour stretch.

before i update the information from the doctors visit today... i wanted to share a big milestone... Landon slept 9 HOURS straight last night. he went down for his usual bedtime of 8... and i of course woke up at 2 ready to feed him... but he slept. i woke up at 3 ready to feed him... but he slept. i woke up at 4 ready to feed him... but he slept. i finally heard him cry for a feeding around 5 and was so shocked that i woke tim up to share the news!

luckily we were all rested for the doctors appointment. the doctor looked in his little ears...which landon HATED! he face turned as red as an apple. he was so angry! turns out, our little guy has a good amount of fluid in his ears. this fluid is hindering his hearing but the doctor told us that it is not to the point that we are seeing in the audiology test results... so we are not getting our hopes up too much. 

so what do we do now? we wait. and we wait. and we wait.  we wait two months to see if the fluid goes away. if it does, we reassess his hearing. if it doesn't... our little guy will be getting tubes and then we reassess his hearing.

it's a waiting game. in my mind, i want to get the little guy hearing aids and get those ears listening. but i am learning it is a process... and it looks like it may be a long one. i keep praying that God will open up those ears... that once the fluid dries up, he will be able to hear. 

and i will leave this post with a picture of landon. he is really getting interested in his toys... i LOVE seeing him grow and change every day!


  1. still praying!!!!

    fitzy says hi and gives l kisses!!

    1. thank you so, so much!!! :) still praying for all of you too!

  2. Sorry it has taken me a few days to check out your blog since you commented on mine. As you know, having a baby takes so much of your time it's hard to get to a computer. Anyways, all I have to say is OMG! I can't believe how much we have in common! Had a baby around the same time, both are boys, both of us are on journeys for weightloss and we're both teachers! Plus, you're right next door (somewhere) - I'm from Ohio! Anyways, I'm looking forward reading through your blog. And as for your baby sleeping nine hours - AWESOME!!! I know how much of a blessing that is!! :)


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