Wednesday, August 8, 2012

a gift.

tomorrow is the day i have been waiting three and a half weeks for... the day we might get some answers on landon's hearing loss. i have been on a roller coaster ride over the past eight weeks. we started our journey with jaundice. then came the broken clavicle. from there we were told about the torticollis. following the torticollis, we were informed about his hearing loss. and finally stopping where we are now at reflux.

i have been doing the whole feeling sorry for myself thing. ALOT. i keep questioning why landon was born with so many problems and why other people have babies born healthy. why couldn't i enjoy my baby's first months of life and not be stressed during them...i question if there will ever be a time when we won't have 2-3 doctor and physical therapist appointments scheduled in a week. i just want to have a normal full week with him.

i am trying REALLY hard to not think negative thoughts about whether there is more wrong with my little guy. hoping tomorrows appointment gives us answers and comforts our little family. i think we are all ready to get off this roller coaster. and ride something a little smoother.

the other day i was watching landon sleep in his crib... and the word "gift" came out of nowhere into my head. he is a gift. his hearing loss could very well be a gift that we don't quite understand why yet.

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