Saturday, July 21, 2012

oh yea!

oh yea! i have been so overwhelmed and consumed by my new little family that i have completely forgotten about "me".

i get it now... once you have a baby, he gets put first. although i have been trying really hard to put tim up there with him... so in the mean time, putting "me" on the back burner...

i had my postpartum appointment on thursday... and everything healed just fine...and on an even better note, i have lost 33 pounds since delivering landon! i got the "okay" to start working out, so on Monday i will be starting jillian michaels 30 day shred! i most definitely will be posting before and after shots just like last year. (Click here to check out last years results)

the reason i start working out on monday and not today is because tim and i are celebrating our 2 year anniversary this weekend!
we will be baby-free for the first time over night. tim and i are super excited to just spend time together although i know we will miss our little guy like CRAZY! movies, dinner and a casino are in our plans this evening!

and i am going to leave you with some updates on landon at six weeks!

-He is starting to smile and grin at us and at his little gym.
-Those little legs and arms are moving a mile a minute!
-He is holding onto his bottle while he is drinking it!
-He is getting SUPER nosey... always wanting to look around and see things!
-He is a great sleeper through the night--- sleeps about 12-14 hours with only two bottles in between!
-He is a cat napper- nothing much gets done during the day since he naps between 30-60 minutes, three times a day!
-He loves his activity gym!
-He loves a car ride!
-He loves his Gemme! (grandmom)
-He loves going for a stroller ride!

Happy Saturday!!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!

    Landon is adorable. Truly.


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