Sunday, July 22, 2012

press our luck.

tim and i had a wonderful weekend away celebrating our two year anniversary. technically our anniversary is on tuesday but tim has softball playoffs... and i have grad class... so we probably won't even see much of each other on our day!

we went out for drinks... had a fantastic dinner... and wrapped up the night with some gambling. we hoped we would hit it big but we walked out with nothing. and i mean nothing.

i just love a slot machine. i love taking my whole twenty dollars and positioning myself on the seat in front of a machine. not sure why i enjoy sitting at those machines pushing a button... but it is soothing in a way... just watching the "sevens" and "bars" spin in front of you. and there is something about the chance of hitting that jackpot. you could walk out of there with thousands of dollars. you could... even though i didn't.

it was a fun date night. tim and i have only been to a casino twice since we have started dating six years ago... it was like we were two kids in an arcade! only we didn't end up with a cup full of tickets and tokens... i wish casinos gave you a consolation prize.... then maybe i would go back and give them my twenty bucks more often.

hoping to start "the shred"tomorrow. going to try to get this body back to the way it was... all those hollywood girls can do it... why wouldn't i be able to?? ;) :)

and of course i can't end a post without a picture of my little guy...

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