Thursday, July 5, 2012

baby expert.

tim was always a little apprehensive about having babies. in the six years of being with him, i have seen him hold two infants. he LOVES sleep and lounging around so his biggest fear was a baby that was up all night screaming. speaking of screaming... he really doesn't like screaming babies. if we were at a restaurant and we heard a baby cry, he would cringe.

and now ever since june 6th... he has become the BABY EXPERT. he was a natural at holding landon the second he was born. changing diapers came as second nature. and he is a champ at keeping landon awake and feeding him a bottle. and if at any time he is questioning ANYTHING with the baby, he pulls out the iphone and GOOGLES!

we hit a little bit of a rough patch with landon last week that even google couldn't really help us with... in fact, google stressed us out because it told us that our baby was colic and would scream and cry up to FOUR MONTHS and there was nothing much we could do for him. this made no sense to me, why should a baby be screaming and sad for that long!

for some reason, nursing landon failed miserably. he did a fantastic job but i think with all the recovery drama i went through, i just wasn't producing enough milk for the little guy. so after i stressed about starving him and LOTS of tears, we decided to try some formula. for a week and a half, landon would drink his bottle, scream for two hours, and then finally exhaust himself and fall asleep only to start the cycle again. talk about stress and tears. google said i had a colic baby.
(holding landon like this helped calm him for about seven seconds...oh. and notice the daylight behind me... 8 o'clock at night and in pajamas.)

thanks to a smart mom, who said i was allergic to milk as an infant, came to the conclusion that we should switch to soy formula. and now for almost a whole week, i have had a happy baby who only cries when he is hungry and needs some snuggles! one happy baby equals a happy mom and dad.


  1. Your husband sounds like mine!! He is probably only going ahead with the baby thing because he knows how much I want to have one. But, I think once we actually have a baby he'll be a natural. And your man sounds like a smart one.

    Your Landon is adorable!!

    1. that was definitely tim! he probably could have gone on with his life without a little one but he knew i couldn't! now he can't even imagine his life without this little guy!! :)


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