Saturday, June 30, 2012

life changes.

once you become pregnant, you hear for nine months, "your life will never be the same." i understood this and really tried to get ready for this change. i knew tim and my life would never be the same once a baby entered our world. the life change is no doubt a good one... but i thought i would share some of the big changes that i am still getting used to...

1. Grocery shopping- tim and i always went grocery shopping together. tim loves going up and down every aisle (even if we don't need anything in an aisle) but now tim has been going on his own. i am not ready to take an infant into a germ infested grocery store. i am sure in a couple more weeks i will feel better about it.

2. 8 hours of non-interrupted sleep- landon is a great sleeper. he sleeps about 4-6 hours in one stretch and goes back down right after a bottle for another 3-4 hours. i am not complaining but i really miss sleeping eight hours straight through the night. :)

3. Walking out the door with just a purse- now i have a diaper bag, blankets, boppy, and a baby in a 100 pound carrier (or so it feels like a hundred pounds) :) oh. and of course i need to have a coffee cup in hand too.

4. Friday nights-tim and i always had "date nights" on friday nights. we would go out to eat, meet up with friends, or go somewhere for a drink. the past three friday nights, we have been in pajamas by eight, eating leftovers in the fridge and soothing a fussy baby (landon tends to get a little fussy in the late evening hours before bed.) last night, tim and i ate dinner together on the floor while landon was laying on his blanket. we both admitted that we loved it though! :)

5. My body- how come when i was pregnant everyone commented on how cute i looked. or how adorable my belly was. but once i delivered the baby, not one person has commented on my sexy saggy belly. ;) i bet if people would recognize how beautiful a body is after delivering a baby, women wouldn't feel so pressured to get their old bodies back. 

it has been easy adjusting to some of these changes more than others (my body) but in the end, i now completely understand why people say "it's a good change."  i love this baby more than words can say. i love when he looks at me with those beautiful eyes. i love when he makes his adorable faces. i love looking at his peaceful sleeping face. i love soothing his cries. i love being a mom.

What life changes did you have to adjust to once your little baby was born?


  1. Spending more money on their clothes then yours... Eating breakfast before 10 is a thing of the past... My house is always cluttered with his stuff but it just shows how much fun we had that day...

  2. I love this!! My husband and I are trying to get pregnant so I am hoping soon I get to go through all of this!!

  3. fitzy is 14 months. the things that changed and still really stand out is - literally almost no time to myself when he is here. being so behind on editing photos. always ALWAYS thinking of someone else at all times.

    but - as you know - it's worth it. parenthood is the hardest and most beautiful and craziest and most wonderful and most insane thing i've ever done!


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