Saturday, May 26, 2012

a pain in the butt.

was debating on whether or not to post about my most recent pregnancy drama... but i consider this blog  a nice piece of history to look back on and cherish all the memories... even the painful ones!

i've had another pregnancy symptom over the past week that is probably one of the most embarrassing ones to admit to but heck... i update my weight (okay, maybe not while i am pregnant... i am mortified by that weight gain) so why not update about a hemorrhoid. yes, that little pain in the butt.

you see, it literally came out of nowhere, i didn't even know what it was... i drink plenty of water, eat fiber (thanks to my granola bars, oatmeal, fruits and veggies) have no problem "going"... so why did this little guy rear its ugly face? doctors answered that question on friday... it's the baby. pushing down on all those veins. seriously? so if this little baby would have come a week earlier, i wouldn't have had any pain! i guess hemorrhoids are common in pregnancy... something i didn't know.

monday, it showed up... tucks, hot baths and ice were the main focus of my week. but that little bugger didn't get better. it just got worse. by thursday, i couldn't function and was petrified of what the weekend would bring, so i called my doctor on friday morning hoping she could suggest a STRONGER cream. i told her what was happening and she immediately sent me to the surgeon. so friday at noon, i had my first EVER procedure, WIDE awake, a day before my due date, and with no pain medicine afterwards. i seriously thought i was going to die. all i wanted was a STRONGER cream not surgery!

friday was probably the roughest day i have ever had. and thank god for my mom. tim, of course, was working so if it wasn't for my mom, helping me through the pain, i am not sure i would have made it to today. surgeon told me, as i was leaving the office, "you will have no problem with child birth after what you just went through in here"...

so we have no baby yet. now i am kind of praying that little guy hangs in there until i heal from my procedure from yesterday. but i won't be terribly upset if it decides to make an appearance earlier... :)

Due DATE picture!! (40 Weeks)

Let's guess the weight... i am guessing 10 pounds 3 ounces!!

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