Monday, June 18, 2012

New Mom Must Haves...and Nots!

New Mom Must Haves!

BreastFriend- When i was at the hospital, i had about ten nurses tell me i was holding the baby wrong when i was breastfeeding. every nurse had a different way to show you how to breastfeed. it was so stressful. i decided to tune out all the nurses. i decided to tune out all the lactation consultants. i decided to just relax and let nature run its course. They didn't have lactation consultants hundreds of years ago to teach women how to breastfeed. those women just did it. and that is what i did using my BreastFriend. i just breastfed.
Boppy-  we use this all the time with Landon. we rest him in this after feedings.
Dr. Brown's Bottle Warmer- Wow! This thing is fantastic. pop the bottle in the warmer. change the baby. by the time he is smelling fresh the bottle is perfect and ready to go.

New Mom Stressors!

Baby Monitor- We spent $200.00 on a video baby monitor. the first night i had Landon home, i didn't sleep a wink. i heard every grunt, moan, stretch, and breath in his crib. i decided to not use the monitor at night. he is in the room right next door and i hear him perfectly when he is awake. maybe when he gets bigger, i'll be using it more.

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