Sunday, June 24, 2012

always twenty pounds...

i started this blog over two years ago for one main reason... to focus on losing and maintaining my weight. when i got pregnant, i thought "i'm going to get fat any way, i might as well just eat and enjoy."  and that is exactly what i did. this girl is guilty of eating mint chocolate chip ice cream EVERY night. and no, i would never share with tim. the bowl was all mine.

when i went into the hospital to be induced, the nurse asked me my weight. i was mortified because tim was in the room. only my OB and I knew my weight. i have kept it a secret and haven't told anyone... not even tim. i whispered it to the nurse, who chuckled and said "you are pregnant."

yes i was pregnant. but i definitely gained more than i should have. the average pregnant woman gains between 25-35 pounds. not this girl. i am still mortified to put my final pregnancy weight on here... and even my current weight. i know that as i get down to my pre-pregnancy weight i will definitely share. i have been weighing myself every Wednesday and i hope to update those final numbers by the end of the summer. i plan on going back to weight watchers meetings... landon and i will go together!

so far, i have dropped 29 pounds in 18 days. my goal is to be back to pre-pregnancy weight by september 15th. or at least within 5 pounds of it.

but for now i will enjoy every second with this adorable guy as i focus on getting myself healthy again so i can be the best wife/mom i can be.

How long did it take to lose your baby weight?


  1. i lost about 20 in a month and then the rest hung on. at my highest i was 238 and i am now 196 - would love to be 160 - but prepregnancy i was 180. it wasnt until fitzy turned a year and was so active and mobile that the rest has come off <3

  2. i was 160 prepregnancy weight... our final numbers are VERY close! i love how honest you are... i may share pregnancy weight gain sooner than later... if you can do it, i can do it! :)

  3. you totally can!! i love blogs - i feel like they help me to be honest!!! it is scary though!

    my sister is trying to lose 200 pounds right now. she is on nutra system and has lost 39 in 2 months!

    OH - also - it's amazing to me how my WHOLE body changed. i swear even my bone structure in my shoulders got bigger. shirts dont fit me like they used to. and my hips are CRAZY huge now - i'm trying to tell myself that i cant have a goal of fitting in some of the things i loved at 160 cus my body will be changed so much anyway! like i cant wear my wedding rings anymore - my knuckles are too big!!

  4. wow! your sister is doing fantastic! and about the whole body changing... 100% agree! i always had wide hips (ha!) but my thighs/legs expanded a little bit... and i seriously just SQUEEZED on my wedding rings yesterday. they are SUPER tight but at least they won't turn and scratch the baby when i am holding him... trying to look at the positive side of bigger knuckles and fingers. :)


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