Tuesday, May 29, 2012


i never in a million years thought i would carry this baby past my due date... i got in on all the hype of friends and family telling me i will never make my due date. and i totally believed it.

so now my due date has come and gone and i just wait.

it is the kind of wait when you were a kid and you waited the whole month of december for christmas morning. december was a slow moving month when i was young because i couldn't wait for santa's big arrival.

it's the kind of wait when you are about to go on vacation... and that whole week before goes so slow because you are so excited about a trip to the shore with family and friends.

it's the kind of wait when you are ready to marry your best friend and you countdown the days for months.
i have always been good at waiting... i consider myself a pretty patient person but this "waiting" is completely different. it is the "unknown" wait. december 25th was always a definite. planned vacations always had a definite date. and the wedding day, july 24th, was set in stone. but this "wait" could be tonight. tomorrow. june. or maybe the doctor will decide for me not to wait anymore and pick a date. but it is still an "unknown" wait at this point in the game.

i am really trying to enjoy this time left as a family of two. i'm resting. spending time with family and friends. but i am getting super anxious to get things moving. i really can't "wait" to meet Baby Odgers.

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