Thursday, May 31, 2012

June Bug

well... the month of may has come and gone and Baby Odgers is still hanging tight.

june is my favorite month. it's the time of year when... school ends... summer begins... days are longer... beach trips... pool dips... picnics... lightening bugs... and most importantly it's my birthday month! of course this little baby wanted to wait until june to make its appearance... i should have known.

had my weekly doctor's appointment today. it went well and things are progressing. and since i am overdue, i had some tests done on my baby... and he/she passed with a 99%!!  that's an A+!! so proud of my little peanut already! ;)

so i continue to wait. luckily i have great family and friends that have made this wait easier... i love the facebook and text check-ins... it really makes me realize how excited everyone is to meet this little baby!  my mom has kept me busy through the days when i get antsy and excited and all i want to do is talk pregnancy and baby! i have loved the last couple weeks with tim. we have tried to make the most of our time together before the baby comes with many date nights... last night we walked the mall for an hour!!

and then afterwards we came home to eat dessert...a cake i baked just for him during the day...
obviously i still need a little bit more work on my baking skills... hoping to tweak them while i am home for the year with the baby. because i will have plenty of time on my hands to do that, huh? yea... i doubt it too!

any new guesses for baby's arrival?


  1. I remember you saing the baby was going to be a June bug from day one.... See you knew! And you will have SOOO much time to practice the art of cake decorating that you will make a career of it and won't come back to school. juuust kidding!!!!

  2. i guess june 6th <3 6.6.12 would be perfect!!


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