Tuesday, May 22, 2012

parking lots.

walking has become more and more difficult as i get bigger and bigger. it has become difficult because of my swollen feet and legs. it has become difficult because of this little baby pushing on my bladder with every step i take. it has becomes more difficult since i am carrying this extra weight and i get winded VERY easily.

i have always been the girl that parks her car a mile away from a store or restaurant in the parking lot. i love the extra walk and i find it easier to get in and out of farther spots with less traffic and people. however, over the past two months, i am the girl stalking people for front parking spots. i am the girl that will drive and drive until i get a front parking spot. i am the girl who CUT off an older gentleman to get a front parking spot at barnes and nobles.

once this baby is born, i will go back to parking and walking to leave those front spots open for those pregnant women who need them.  and those "customers with children" parking... should be "expectant mother parking"... babies r us has it right... i was embarrassed to park in those spots when i first became pregnant... but now I am pulling in those spots with big smiles and relief. thank you babies r us.


  1. I think pregnant ladies should get a handicap parking sign!


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