Monday, May 21, 2012

Packing a bag.

packing a bag has been one of the hardest tasks for me to get focused on. my family asks me "have you packed a bag yet?" No, not yet! Friends have asked me "is your bag ready to go?" Nope! even my doctor has asked me "is your bag packed?" no, but getting there! which is a complete lie.

you see. i haven't even started it yet. i went to visit a friend of mine back in February two weeks before her baby was due. her little bag was packed and in the corner of the nursery ready to go. lucky for her because her baby came the next day!! you think that would have taught me a lesson. but nope.

tim had an idea. can't i pack my bag in the beginning stages of labor? wouldn't that keep me busy and my mind a little focused? i agreed, told a friend that idea, and they said i would probably forget something important. good point.

so, my plan today is to pack my little bag. this has been my plan every day for the past month. but with work being over and wanting to keep myself  busy, i should really get on it. well... that and figuring out what we are going to name this little person... but that's a whole other blog post.

Any ideas of what to put in my bag other than the basics like pajamas and toothpaste? 


  1. I'm sitting here thinking of a list of things like magazines, music, etc. But I stop and think back to what I actually used that was in my bag: toothbrush and pajamas. You won't have time for, or want, anything else! I spent my stay visiting with family and Tristan... And sleeping. I didn't touch my magazines. :)

  2. Hospitals are freezing! Comfy socks! Tell tim to wear layers if he's spending the night!

  3. Candy, granola bars, etc for afterwards. I remember being starved after labor (1 am) and all they had in the fridge were tunafish sandwiches! Also, contact solution, nursing bra, boppy, clothes to wear home, outfit for baby, camera, cell phone charger. I am making my own list as I write to you because I haven't packed mine yet either! :)

  4. Nursing bra pads and that lotion. (I wore a sports bra for delivery and it was perfect so I wasn't naked during delivery) hair ties, your pillow, chap stick, socks,... I didn't change out of the hospital gown till the drive home. Tooth brush, camera, baby book for foot prints, oh, maybe a folder for all of the paper work they give you...boppy, comfy going home outfit, baby's going home outfit ( better big than too small) and a baby blanket if it's chilly on the ride home. I even had my "going to the hospital" outfit put out so I could take a shower and get dressed quickly. Ps, did you download a contraction app? It was helpful. If you forget anything Tim can drive home and get it for you. No worries! Smile!


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