Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm Ready.

"I'm Ready." I never thought i would ever say those words for this baby. i have had a lot of fear. fear of delivering a baby. fear of being a good mom. fear of tim and my life changing. it has been enough fear that i thought i wanted this baby to never come out. but it has probably been the last week when all those feelings of fear have changed to excitement and anxiety.

anxious to meet our baby. excited to see what our little baby will look like. excited to know whether it has been a boy or a girl i have been carrying around for nine months. excited to start our life as a little family.

maybe it was the high blood pressure scare and the trip to the hospital that got me "ready." maybe it is the wrap of work that got me "ready." maybe it is the big belly that takes a little more effort to roll over with at night that has me "ready." whichever the reason, i am now one of those pregnant women anxiously and excitedly waiting for when their little one decides to arrive.

i am okay with not holding my baby in my belly and "ready" to hold my baby in my arms.

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