Wednesday, April 11, 2012

four things.

things i have grown to love since being pregnant.

1. mint chocolate chip ice cream (not the green kind) - heart burn has been the death of me over the past few months and i have figured out that a scoop a day keeps the heart burn away.

2. using three pillows at night- one for my head, one for the legs, and one for the belly. it gets a little snug and tight in bed, especially when you throw in tim and the cat.

3. going horizontal- this is what i do around 5 in the evening after teaching all day. for some reason, walking hurts, standing hurts, even sitting hurts... so i just decide to take my body and lay horizontal. after about an hour of this, i feel like a completely different person... like i could run a marathon!

4. handicapped bathroom stalls- recently i have noticed, that i have had great difficulty getting in and out of a regular size stall. i have the hardest time opening and closing the door without banging some part of my body. however, handicapped stalls are phenomenal. i can move all around in there pretty comfortably and leave without a new bruise.

(33 weeks!! Holy Moly! Almost there!)
 (33 weeks!! Check out the new spectacles! Looking more and more like a Dad every day!)


  1. Hi, T! Van here! Check out this blog from a friend of mine - it may have some good ideas for you: I'm not vegan, though I try to eat that way as much as possible.


    I cannot wait to hear about the arrival of your little one!!

  3. thanks van for the blog suggestions! i will definitely check it out!

    Thanks so much Danielle! I am sure i will post lots of pictures once this little baby gets here! :)


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