Monday, March 19, 2012

Reasons Why...

3 reasons why i enjoy being pregnant:

1. the belly toucher- i know, i know... many women HATE when strangers touch their belly. not this girl. maybe it's because i love people and it is a great way to interact with them... maybe it's because i always want to rub other people's bellies. not sure why i don't mind it, so go ahead, and touch away!
2. the quizzer- when is your due date? do you know what you are having? do you have names yet? are you going all natural? did you register for a breast pump? i love these people... i love answering the basic pregnancy questions that all women ask... i feel like i am part of a club where i can finally answer these questions that i have always asked my girlfriends for many years.

3. the check-in - how are you feeling?  i love answering this question because when i wasn't pregnant and got asked how i was doing/feeling... i would just say "good and how are you?" who really wanted to know that i felt exhausted... that was my own darn fault for not going to bed early. now i LOVE answering that question with "tired but feeling good!" because really, now i have an excuse for looking like death.

i am really trying to enjoy these last two months of pregnancy... because i know, that when this little baby arrives, i will no longer have the belly toucher, quizzer and check-in going on in my life. the main focus will be my new little bundle!

Photos by Jennifer Scruggs Photography :)

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