Sunday, April 22, 2012

give or take FIVE weeks!

i have really been enjoying these past few weeks of pregnancy. watching my belly get big. watching a little leg or arm push through my belly. feeling the different body parts push against my belly.

however, knowing that in just five weeks this little baby can be here is very overwhelming. simply because the life i have now is going to change greatly. i am expecting a huge adjustment with this little person entering our lives. this little baby isn't just going to be a baby with us. it's going to grow into a child. then a teenager. then an adult. this person will be with me for the rest of my life.

i am both nervous and excited. nervous for all the changes to come especially between tim and my relationship with each other (it's been just the two of us and we love our little life together) but excited to add to our family. to share our love we have with each other to another little life.

baby odgers. i am excited to meet you. to bring you into our family. to love you.

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