Thursday, March 1, 2012

bare belly.

last time i wrote a blog post,  there were tears streaming down my face due to stress, worry and the unknown.

in the past week i had to schedule a consultation with a surgeon and the GI. this afternoon i had my surgeon appointment... and it went well. the surgeon figured out that back in my first year of college, i got hit really hard with mono... it knocked me out for months... supposedly mono increased the size of my spleen and it never went down to normal size again. she said that being pregnant can cause a spleen to enlarge as well. and once i deliver, it should go back down to the size it was before i got pregnant. i go back to the surgeon in july to check in on it... 

i visit the GI to check in on the liver on Monday morning... keeping my fingers crossed that livers can enlarge due to pregnancy as well...

Bare Belly
recently, i have been waking up in the middle of the night with my belly hanging out. i realized that my medium t-shirts just weren't cutting it anymore. so i decided to check out tim's t-shirt drawer... now his were nice, big and comfortable but i realized i felt super frumpy in them... so, i went shopping. this time at the maternity section of Old Navy... i purchased a couple pairs of new pajamas bottoms and maternity tank tops. what a difference! i am so comfortable! and i feel so much better about myself and this changing body. 
(jeepers creepers, i am getting BIG! 27-28 weeks)

13 more weeks until i meet this little baby. i can't wait! :)

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