Wednesday, February 22, 2012

bumpy road.

i was deciding on whether or not to blog the thoughts going on in my head tonight. and as i thought about it, i realized it just make me feel a little better.

stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, worried, upset, angry, jealous are just a few of the emotions i am feeling on my bumpy road called pregnancy. but then, i think of this little baby growing healthy inside of me and all those emotions get pushed aside with excitement and happiness.

i have hit another rough patch with this pregnancy thing. i had my spleen checked in on friday morning during a full abdominal ultrasound... results came in yesterday morning with concerns from my doctor. my spleen had gotten .4 centimeters bigger and now they noticed my liver, which was fine on the first ultrasound, is now slightly enlarged. i was immediately sent for more blood work yesterday and results came quickly back today. Blood work, again, came back okay with just a liver level a tiny bit high.

doctor is still concerned so now i am off to a GI Consultant and a General Surgeon Consultant. i am extremely stressed and frustrated... i keep thinking "why can't my body be normal? why can't i enjoy being pregnant like many women i know?"

i feel great and have no pain or crazy symptoms (well except for this ridiculous heartburn) :) so i am trying my darndest to keep positive. the doctor told me today that my spleen and liver levels are not affecting the baby and baby is just fine hanging out in there. so that is where i keep my focus. my baby.

as much as i have had a rough pregnancy from the beginning... i am thankful to be pregnant. i am thankful to have this little life growing inside of me. i am thankful that i will be a mom to a beautiful baby in just a few more months.


  1. oh goodness. praying with you. those feelings are so hard to deal with without extra pregnant emotions.

    praying for comfort and strength for and with you and tim and your little one!!

  2. you aren't kidding! i never considered myself much of a crier but with all this drama it has been impossible to try and stop these tears! silly pregnancy hormones! :)

    Thank you for prayers... It means so much to me! :)

  3. Hang in there T! only a few more months...Everyone's pregnancy experience is different. Sharing your experiences will help others as they go through things of their own and it will help you to get them off our chest :) It's been forever (or at least feels like forever) since we've hung out... we should get together for a nutritious dinner some time soon! let me know when you're free :)


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