Friday, March 9, 2012

pregnancy is scary.

i passed by a teacher friend in the hallway this week and she mentioned to me that a lot of her friends who are/were pregnant have had difficult pregnancies...  over the past thirty years, i haven't known many people who have struggled being pregnant until i became pregnant.

i look back at the past 28 weeks and i have stressed about low progesterone levels, not getting a baby heartbeat, gallbladder attack, enlarged spleen, enlarged liver, and elevated liver levels in my blood. before being pregnant, all i stressed about was gaining two pounds in a weekend.

i had my monthly check up yesterday and for the first time in almost seven months, i walked out feeling happy. blood pressure. good. weight gain. good. belly size. perfect. baby heartbeat. good. glucose test. passed! wooo hoooooo!!

i know the scariest part of being pregnant is still yet to come... the delivery... but i am trying not to think too much about it and just know that at the end of it comes my baby that i CAN'T wait to meet!

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