Tuesday, February 7, 2012

pregnancy brain.

i always thought using the old "pregnancy brain" was an excuse for pregnant woman. they can pull the "pregnancy brain" card when they say something silly or forget something... i seriously thought it had been used way too much towards pregnant women.

since the beginning of my pregnancy, if i did something ridiculous, i got accused of it... in the beginning i chuckled at it simply because i was excited and giddy about being pregnant. as time went on, i got annoyed when i was accused of it simply because i seriously thought "this is my brain all the time." it was until recently that i finally understood the meaning behind the words "pregnancy brain."

it all started when i went to a party and left my car running... who gets out of their car and forgets to take the keys out of the ignition? this girl. this pregnant girl. "pregnancy brain."

yesterday i went to fill up my gas tank and noticed my bank card was missing. i am super crazy about putting my bank card back in my wallet every time i use it. i have never lost or misplaced it in the ten years of having one. talk about instant panic! after retracing my steps, i realized that i must of left it in the nail salon on saturday after i got my manicure. tim suggested i call but i thought it would be best if i just go since i may not be able to understand the accent of the ladies on the telephone.

low and behold, my card was waiting for me when i arrived along with an hour pedicure. i mean, i might as well treat myself after a long day of work and the stress over the missing card.

so i have learned to embrace this thing call "pregnancy brain."

it has its goods and bads. bad: forgetting my bank card at the nail salon. good: forgetting my bank card at the nail salon.
(pay no attention to the little funky toe on my right foot... although i may pass that on to my little baby!)


  1. finally! i can post comments as a fellow preggers! I got accused of pregnancy brain today at work because it took me WAY to long to figure out how to close a plastic container of the cupcakes i brought in to celebrate our announcement... lol fun times ahead! :) maybe i'll leave my card at a salon! ;)

  2. wooo hoooo! so excited to have you part of the club! :) i highly recommend leaving your card at the nail salon! :)


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