Saturday, February 4, 2012

pop a pill.

when i was a kid... it was flinstones. as i became a teenager... it was flinstones. as a young adult... it was ONE a day gummies. and now being pregnant... it is ridiculous.

how come when you become pregnant, you are expected to take vitamins the size of horse pills? i mean, in no way was i ready for this big change in my life. in the beginning of my pregnancy, it was a chore to get those things down. chocolate milk was the way to go.
after about four months, i was sick of chocolate milk every day. i switched it up to grapefruit juice. a sweet friend told me that it is not a good idea to take vitamins with grapefruit juice... so i switched it up again and decided to take it with gatorade. my mom said she heard that taking vitamins with gatorade was also not a good idea. who would of thought there would be so much stress with taking a vitamin? just give me a flinstone where the only stress was deciding between pink, purple or orange.

i know, i know, you are probably thinking, just take them with good old H2O.  talk about a gag factor.  just can't get them down that way... so for the time being, i am taking them with a plain glass of milk until i get sick of it... which will definitely be sooner than later.

now taking these horse pills aren't all that bad... my nails are growing like WEEDS! tim told me today to go and get my nails done because he thought they looked pretty gross. i see nothing wrong with daggers as nails but i complied... who can say no to a manicure?
Looking forward to the day when i get back on those gummie vitamins. but until then, i will enjoy my long nails and unlimited manicures! 

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