Tuesday, February 14, 2012

feel the burn.

with it being valentine's day... i have only one thing on my mind... my heart.

the last time i had heart burn,  i was in mexico, and i ate and drank my face off for 6 days. it was well worth the pain and in my head it meant that i was doing "all inclusive" the right way.

heartburn is something i've had maybe three times in my whole life...UP UNTIL NOW.
now... i get it at least ten times a day.

this was one of my first "signs" of being pregnant. i remember having heartburn after eating a chicken salad and thinking "hmmm... how can this be?" this lead me to google if heartburn was a symptom of being pregnant... the next day we took a pregnancy test.

little did i know that as the months went on that this heartburn would control my life. i started off getting it pretty bad at night before bed. i would try to fall asleep between the breaks of pain and it would be gone in the morning.  then, it started rearing its ugly face during the school day... and now it is any time that i go more than an hour without eating...

i've been drinking gallons of water... and as a very last resort, i take a tums... which i will take if it becomes unbearable at night.

three more months and i am expecting to see an extremely hairy baby with all this heartburn. i know this discomfort will be well worth it come May... :)


  1. I have had heartburn most of my life, and have taken daily meds for years for it...when I was pregnant with Cooper, I obviously stopped all those pills, and I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE. Seriously. It was the worst pain ever, and I had it every day, all day, for the last 5 months of my pregnancy...

    People would say, "oh, that baby is going to have so much hair," and I said that he better come out in a stinking sweater for all the pain I was in! The good thing is that the doctor was able to give me something during the last month or 6 weeks-ish in order to make it better. It was like manna from heaven!

    Hang in there, and keep the Tums handy! The pain is totally worth it...and Cooper DID have a ton of hair...but not a sweater! :)

  2. Belinda, there are many nights when I thing I AM GOING TO DIE with this heartburn! The Tums sit right on my night stand next to my bed... i am frightened to go to sleep without them being an arms length away!

    so funny about cooper being born with a sweater! i seriously LOLed! because i completely understand why you would think this... i am starting to think the same way too!! born with a sweater just in time for summer... ;):)


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