Sunday, January 22, 2012

do i look fat in this?


i hate shopping for clothes. i hate looking at the racks, picking clothes that i think will look good, trying them on, sucking it in and trying to look skinny. and when i don't look good, it puts me in such a funk that i want to leave the store and be done with shopping... oh. and a big "no, no" is having tim tag along... he is just as miserable as me during these shopping sprees.

recently i went shopping at Motherhood Maternity. i have never been in one of these stores in my life until now... and believe it or not,  they actually give you a pillow to wear while you are trying on clothes to make you look fatter!!

i don't mean to toot my own horn, but every single article of clothing i put on looked GOOD! because i thought "theresa, you can look fat in this!!" and let me tell you... i looked fat in everything!!!
tighter fitting tops? why not? you are allowed to be fat! looser fitting tops? sure!!! the bigger you look the better!!! horizontal stripes? absolutely! they make me look twice as big and it is okay!!! because i am suppose to be looking a little chunky these days.
(just about 22 weeks!)
so. to wrap this up, i wish i had the excuse of being pregnant all the time. i had the BEST experience shopping for clothes ever. the $245.00 bill at the end just proved it.


  1. You look amazing! Except maybe for that face you're making. :)

  2. Hey T it's Sarah Mac from Mansfield XC!! Robyn just sent me your blog! You look amazing! I also have a blog!! Hope we can catch up it has been forever!

  3. hey sarah mac! it has been so long!! so good to hear from you! I CAN'T WAIT to check out your blog... i love the world of blogging... hope all is well with you :)

  4. Thank you Mrs. Rote... the faces are an extra bonus! ;):)

  5. I just found your blog and I'm sitting at work trying not to laugh too loud at this post. It's SOOO true, and so comical!! Savor every moment of your pregnancy, horizontal stripes n' all! You look fabulous, and I hope you feel that way through most of the coming months as well. (I looked like an acne-ridden beast during my pregnancy, but I felt great most of the time.)



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