Thursday, December 29, 2011

Big News!

I was waiting to post until January 1st... but i happen to jump on my blog today and think... "i miss it."

i've been quiet on this blog because i am no longer able to lose and maintain weight... at least for the next five months!

my husband and i are expecting our first little baby in may. it took us both by surprise but we are so excited and counting down the days until we meet our little one!

so many thoughts are going through my head... most good thoughts but there are some i try to push out and think "theresa, you can't control it." i don't want to be that girl freaking out over every pound gained with this baby but let me tell you,  i start to feel very panicky as i inch closer and closer to 170. i have never seen that number in my life and it frightens me... but then i remember... "there is a reason why" and after this baby is born and in my arms, i will be determined to get  back to a healthy weight for my family... i want to feel good about myself being a mother and a wife, and what better way than to love and take care of myself after the baby comes.

so for now, i will try not to worry about the weight gain and enjoy every second of the this miracle growing inside of me.

oh. and enjoy every second of wearing those amazing comfortable maternity jeans!!!!!!

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