Friday, October 14, 2011

Where am I?

I am sitting on the couch eating handful after handful of sour cream and onion chips... Herrs potato chips.

I am sharing a bowl of Touchdown Ice Cream with my husband on the couch while watching Xfactor.

I am at Coppa 82 Restaurant eating a plateful of spaghetti with red sauce with my mom and dad.

I am sitting in the faculty room eating a plateful of chicken nuggets (gross, I know) dipped in bbq sauce.

I am walking around the mall with a peanut butter blizzard in my hand.

I am digging my hands in a bowl full of halloween candy.

I am at Kohls buying fat pants. i just couldn't take the pain of my tight pants anymore.

I am jumping in my sweatpants the minute i get home from work for comfort..

I am stepping on the scale and watching the number ever so slowly increase.

I am waiting for the moment when i realize i need to start taking care of myself again... and eating healthy.


  1. this time of year is the worst! you look forward and all you see is birthdays and halloween followed by thanksgiving, followed by christmas... and there is less and less time to get home and exercise and you're stressed out by not having enough time and the holidays that you're just like F-it, i'll start back on my healthy kick in January! ugh. but that would be 3+ months of making unhealthy choices... i'm struggling with that right now (with all this pumpkin goodness and candy corn...). i worked hard this year to get my butt into shape, and the next 3 months are gonna be such a battle! can I win? what would be a win anyway? sticking with my routine? or enjoying every moment from now until the new year? :P right there with you!

  2. ps - the Xfactor is awesome so far!! :)

  3. Hope that you're doing okay. I'm needing to get back to eating more healthy foods and to make exercise a part of my days. I'm looking for some good motivational blogs, and am thinking of starting one myself, to keep myself accountable.



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