Friday, August 5, 2011

moving on up.

a couple of weeks ago, i mentioned that changes were beginning to happen... things have finally been confirmed and settled...and...

tim and i are moving out of west chester and renting a new place.

we are sad to leave this town because we LOVE it. but our apartment is so small and my commute is almost an hour just one way! tim and i have so many wonderful memories in our first apartment together. i remember our first dinner. unloading our first grocery trip.

our first grocery trip together in August 2010

running the vacuum for the first time. and celebrating our first holidays together. it was a great place to spend together during our first year of marriage. but we are ready to move on. move to somewhere bigger.

we are moving into a townhouse! it has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.
tim likes the kitchen... but the biggest bonus is... we can have a GRILL!!

who is coming to our first barbecue?

trying to get back to eating healthy... but it has been very difficult. honestly, it is so hard for me to get back on track.

any suggestions on how to get back on track with eating healthy?

MEXICO-PART 2 will be posted later today! :)


  1. Congrats!! Hoping I can be saying this too about getting a house. So exciting for you!!

  2. Ha! thanks Lara! i was so excited to post about this place that i forgot to mention that we are only renting it... from my brother dan!! i look forward to the time when i can call a place my own... but i have a feeling that is still some time away!


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