Wednesday, July 13, 2011

stressed spelled backwards is...

funny. when life gets a little overwhelming...i don't want pizza. i don't want a french fry.

i wouldn't mind relieving stress with a walk... but there is no time. i have just enough time to sit here and blog for five minutes...(which by the way, relieves a little stress)

so. when life gets crazy, i want chocolate.

so i ate some. cadbury egg for dinner...
looks like a star crunch little debbie cake for dessert.
yikes. 12 more days of the school chaos. at this rate, i will never be ready for a bathing suit for mexico.

how do you handle stress?


  1. I want cake. Or cookies. Or something sweet, too. But now I run to get rid of stress.

  2. running is also one of my favorite ways to relieve stress!


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