Tuesday, July 12, 2011

his and her groceries.

i am back to packing a lunch. i have been scrounging for food to throw in my lunch bag... this week was leftover cucumber, stale dry cereal, raisins, and three week old crackers. grocery shopping was put on the back burner over the past few weeks... i have been busy with the girls, softball games, and reading textbooks for my upcoming classes.

today tim and i went on a much needed lunch/snack shopping trip.
when i shop by myself, i am always happy to look in my cart and see more healthy foods than unhealthy foods. i love seeing yogurts and produce. i am usually proud of myself for dodging the doritos. and staying away from the e.l fudge double stuffed fudge cookies.

when tim and i go together... that is a whole other story. somehow, we end up with chips and little debbie cakes in our cart... sometimes it is a kid's cereal or a soda he wants to drink during the week.
i had to learn that even though i want to eat healthy...it doesn't mean that he wants to follow along with me. if he loves a star crunch for a snack, he should eat his star crunch. i just need to find the willpower to stay away from his favorites... and eat a carrot stick.

do you and your husband/boyfriend have different eating habits? how do you compromise?

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