Saturday, July 9, 2011

saturday morning stroll.

this morning, i woke up, covered my blisters with band-aids and set out for an eight mile walk.

the route started at my apartment and we walked four miles to town. it was a beautiful day. we stopped for and rested at starbucks. i enjoyed a drink and read the free newspaper. the breeze was blowing and everyone was out and about in town. such a great way to start a saturday morning.
(am i the only one who holds out my pinky finger when i am holding a cup...yikes!)

the walk back was a little more difficult. there were no lattes waiting for me at my apartment... but there were smoothies! i made myself a peanut butter cup smoothie for breakfast...


1 cup of milk
1 tbspn peanut butter
1 tbspn of cocoa
1 tbspn of honey
1.5 cups of ice

Blend ingredients together and enjoy for about 280 calories! perfect and cold end to my eight mile walk.
today, tim and i are going to a wedding in lansdale... one of his coworkers is tying the knot! i love a wedding. i love getting all dressed up and watching a beautiful bride walk down the aisle.

have a wonderful weekend!

what is your favorite part about going to weddings?

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