Sunday, July 10, 2011

blue and yellow.

yesterday, tim and i went to a wedding. i am not sure why... but weddings can be so stressful for us to get ready for... for example. tim realized at about 12:30 that he needed to buy a new shirt since his old one didn't fit. off to delaware he went. at 12:30!!! we needed to leave for the wedding at 1:40 to make it there on time. that meant... tim had to pick up his dry cleaning, buy a new shirt, get home, iron his shirt, change and get ready for the wedding in an hour and ten minutes.

we ended up leaving at 1:50... and no lie. we hit every red light and ended up behind every person over the age 75 on the road. you seriously would not of wanted to be in our car!

needless to say, we ended up a few minutes late, but luckily the bride was fashionably late walking down the aisle.


this wedding was beautiful! i loved it the minute i saw the first bridesmaid walking down the aisle... i realized the color theme of the wedding was blue and yellow! the same as tim and mine last summer! of course... i had to take pictures of the color detail.

beautiful bridesmaid
blue and yellow centerpieces
i love seeing Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Odgers!
the food was amazing! the cocktail hour was one of the best ones i have ever seen! it was outside and had every food from the basic veggie, cheese and crackers to a pasta station... it had a seafood table and hot hor dourves were being offered to me constantly.

me and you lemonade (their signature drink)
yellow and blue napkins!
seafood table
chilling at cocktail hour
but the best part of the whole wedding was the dessert. the bride and groom had a beautiful chocolate fountain and many different kinds of cakes to enjoy! i skipped my way over to the fountain and soaked marshmallows, creme puffs and cookies in the chocolate.. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

chocolate heaven

i have learned to appreciate the detail more at a wedding since i had my wedding day. i realized how much time and energy went into planning this wedding... and it was a beautiful day.

a gift for every couple to take home.
only two more weeks of being newlyweds!
congratulations bobby and rosie! (my bride and groom pictures ended up being fuzzy and awful... therefore, no beautiful picture of the main attraction... such a bummer!)
ps. i never thought i would say this, can totally wear a bridesmaid dress more than once!! thank you jenny glenny!

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