Monday, July 11, 2011


i woke up this morning with a knot in my stomach... i have been dreading july 11th. because that was the day that i started my classes...i am going two weeks straight from 8-4.

now. i don't mind sitting in class for eight hours.... with a few pee breaks here and there. but... it is the papers. and the research. and the presentations. and the reading reactions. and all the other "stuff" that comes along with it. i just wish that since i am paying the school... i only had to listen to the professor teach me... and not all the other time consuming tasks. i love to learn but just not do all the work... is that lazy?

weighed in today. 150.0. maintenance. i did a great job eating my face off again this weekend with the wedding and a couple of picnics...
so to not gain weight is a feat in itself. however, if i want to win this challenge with tim... i need to break away from the 150 club.

next weigh-in: monday, july 18th

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