Friday, July 22, 2011

riDQlous eating.

after much thought, tim and i decided to eat at applebee's last night for dinner. we chose to eat at a restaurant because we didn't want to heat up our little apartment... and we wanted to stay cool while we had our dinner.

but just our luck, the applebee's air conditioner was down and we dripped with sweat as we were eating our chips and dip.
since we had no relief at dinner, we drove around the corner to dq for some ice cream. nothing tastes better on a hot day then a reese peanut butter cup blizzard. it was fabulous!
speaking of dq... i have not been doing a great job eating healthy. i am blaming it on being stressed with classes and papers. i have one more 12 page research paper to go... and in my head, i totally want to celebrate my hard earned six credits with food!

maybe i will buy myself a new dress for mexico instead...

Happy Friday!

What do you like to reward yourself with after a big accomplishment?

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