Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7th season.

it is hard to believe that seven years ago, i was fresh out of college, looking for a job and was lucky to be introduced to a three year old and a seven year old who loved to swim, color, read and play games.
but just like television shows that transition through seasons... so does life. i have watched them grow up right before my eyes. and even though they have gotten older... they are still the girls i met seven years ago. they still love swimming, coloring, reading and playing games... but now they love to shop, tan, talk about boys, and check out facebook.
today we went to a new shopping area. i highly recommend a place called charming charlies. they have accessories in every color... and the store is organized by color! i can't wait to step my foot in that store again... it could be dangerous!

speaking of foot... i went on a five mile walk this morning... it felt great.... well except for the four blisters that ended up on my feet! my feet need to toughen up... they obviously haven't done a workout in a long time... but one dip in a cold pool helped them feel so much better!

happy wednesday!

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