Sunday, June 12, 2011

30 years.

i woke up this morning full of excitement. it was my birthday! tim took me to have my favorite breakfast which was a delicious everything bagel with cream cheese and a frozen vanilla coffee.

we celebrated the day at my favorite place...the pool! and i got my peanut butter cup blizzard ice cream cake!!

My 29th year.

this past year has been full of events. definitely the year of the weddings. our family had two!

although my 29th year has the best memories and best day of my life because of my wedding, there were still many other wonderful memories throughout the year...

my bachelorette party.

getting ready for my wedding day.

my dad walking me down the aisle.

marrying timothy.

dancing with my new husband.

honeymoon to mexico.

My best friend's wedding.

Mckenna is born!

creamer stacking champion.

beating mario 3 with tim.

my brother's wedding day.

praying for another happy and healthy year.

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