Saturday, June 11, 2011

food celebration.

we kicked off the birthday celebration last night toasting to a new and healthy year.
this morning. i woke up and thought "this is my last day EVER in my twenties!" to celebrate, i made myself another frozen hot chocolate. tim made us a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on a thomas everything bagel thin.

i then started to think about lunch and dinner. a burrito for lunch. and olive garden for dinner. and for dessert. dairy queen.

why is it when it comes to celebrating big days like birthdays, christmas and fridays, i want to celebrate with food.

i wanted my favorite foods last night. i stopped at dunkin donuts for a latte yesterday on the way home from work. and thanks to a birthday button i received from a wonderful co-worker, the man gave me a free donut to go with it!

celebrating with food makes me happy. makes me enjoy the moments in my life that are the most special. makes me look forward to going out with friends.

do you celebrate big events in your life with food? if not, how do you celebrate?

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