Monday, June 13, 2011

a gift.

drinking water has come a long way since march. i have tried to have it every way possible to make it better. i went from gagging on water... to finally enjoying it.

i have gotten in the habit of asking for water at restaurants. instead of diet coke... i no longer buy a case of diet coke at the grocery store. i buy i case of water...

now drinking water was fantastic... until i watched the commercial of the empty water bottles polluting the that point, i realized drinking water isn't as good as i thought.

then i saw the brita water bottle... i told tim i wanted this for my birthday... and lucky me... i got it!

i was a little apprehensive at first using it... i didn't think it would purify the tap water so fast... but it did... it even passed tim's test.

so much so, that he bought two! one for him and one for me!

after much thought. i have decided to pass on the weigh-in this week. let's just say that i celebrated this weekend with some of my favorites... and i am petrified to get on the scale. i didn't want tears to start off my 30th year...

tune in next monday, june 20th... for an update.

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