Monday, June 27, 2011

dropped the ball...

or the mouse. or the cat. or whatever i was trying to balance. my plan this week failed miserably. i tried really hard to stay focused on eating healthy and enjoying life at the same time... and it failed. couldn't balance it. everything dropped.

this was a learning experience. learning about my body. learning what works with it... and what doesn't work with it. obviously indulging on a delicious chocolate cake with ice cream and peanut butter sauce doesn't work with it. and eating cap'n crunch cereal for breakfast four days in a row didn't help it either... :)

wish me luck, as i try to jump back on the ball and learn how to figure out a balance in my diet that makes me happy and confident. just like this guy!
Check out My Journey page if you are interested in seeing my balancing act gone wrong.

Next weigh-in: Monday, July 4th.

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