Wednesday, June 29, 2011

row 13.

in just four weeks, tim and i will be on a plane heading to our favorite place and vacation spot. playa mujeres. it can't come soon enough.
we booked our plane tickets this evening. row 13. not sure how i feel about the number 13. i am not a superstitious person. but the fact that almost the whole plane was full except row 13 and a few other random seats here and there... makes me wonder. why didn't anyone else book them? is our country so superstitious that the only two seats available were in row 13.

tim was ready to pay extra to get an emergency seat and avoid row 13 altogether...and i stopped him. seriously, tim?

all we can do is pray for a safe flight and know that it doesn't matter what row we are in... we have no control... Someone much bigger does.

would you sit in row 13?

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