Saturday, May 21, 2011

friday date night.

a friday night is my favorite time of the week. knowing that i can sleep in on saturday. knowing that i don't have to follow my weekly schedule the next day. knowing that i get a break for two days in a row... makes my friday night so much better.

tim and i usually make friday night our date night. we go to a restaurant that always takes us a couple of hours to decide on... which then causes us to eat dinner late...which then causes me to get a little ornery...because a mix of me being hungry and tired don't blend well.

when i am starving at a restaurant, i try to make time go fast by playing some kind of game with tim. my new favorite is Hang Man Fortune. we typically play on the back of a paper place mat... and tim, about 99% of the time, plays along because he knows it helps my hungry mood as we wait for our food.

obviously, when we were playing last night... i had only two things on my mind. food and bed.

we decided to order something a little different last night. a small white pizza with diced tomatoes. it was a winner and hit the spot. we each ate two slices (i could of easily ate the whole thing)... and now we are looking forward to heating it up for lunch this afternoon.

loving the sunshine! happy saturday!

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