Sunday, May 22, 2011

i've got the blues.

as i sit here, beginning to type this blog, i am getting hit with the SNB's. the sunday night blues.

don't get me wrong. i love teaching. and i will love seeing my 24 smiling faces tomorrow morning at 8:20.... but for some reason, the more fun i have on a weekend. the harder it is to get back into my routine on a monday morning.

tim and i went out to dinner last night with one of our favorite couple friends. they chose the restaurant... one i have NEVER heard of... and i know why. mostly everything on the menu was UNDER 500 calories! the name of the restaurant is called harvest.

if you are interested in checking out the location and menu... click HERE.

i ordered a veggie burger... which i thought tasted better than it looked.

and for dessert i had peanut butter mousse. small, under 500 calories and tasted OUT OF THIS WORLD.

we enjoyed our time together until we got the bill. we were shocked at the amount of food we ate and for the amount of money we were paying. i think we all left feeling hungry both in our stomachs and in our wallets.

we ended our weekend celebrating the baptism of a beautiful baby girl in our family. i ate a piece of cake and enjoyed every bite of it.

shout out to my brother paul! he has lost more than twenty pounds on his weight loss journey too! way to go! i know you have been working hard! (minus the cupcake you just ate today) ;)

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