Thursday, May 26, 2011

a filling snack.

i have had a hard time staying focused on eating healthy in the afternoon. that is my most "dangerous" time of day. the time between 5 and 7. the time i wait for tim to get home. the time i wait for tim to get hungry.

so many times, i have walked in the door, and the first place i go is the snack cabinet. on my mind. chips and crackers. not on my mind. carrot sticks and bananas.

my friend told me today that she craves fruit and veggies... when will that happen to me? i crave a cheez-it. i crave a chip. i crave a bag of flavor blasted cheddar goldfish. i have never in my life craved a grape. or a celery stick. (unless that celery stick has a chicken wing and blue cheese to go with it)

i realized that i tend to overeat on goldfish or crackers. one serving is never enough. i am still starving... i have consumed hundreds of calories on these snacks in a sitting.

i have been on a mission to find a filling and satisfying afternoon snack. and today... I FOUND IT!

i grabbed chobani yogurt and Fiber One Caramel Delight Cereal.

i crushed up less than a quarter cup of cereal and mixed it in my yogurt. it was perfect.

this 200 calorie snack filled me up after my twenty-five minute run up and down hills this evening.

and hopefully it keeps me satisfied while i wait patiently for my husband to get hungry...


  1. Wow! How am I just now reading all this!? Food definitely controls my mind lately as I try and stay focused on my on healthy eating meal plan. I love that you found this cereal. My breakfast every morning is a crunchy parfait, very filling, healthy dessert...
    1/2 cup Fiber one cereal
    12 almonds
    3/4 cup cottage cheese
    cinnamon to taste, mixed together
    Eating healthy can truly be tasty :)


  2. i just went to the store and bought all of this good stuff to make a breakfast parfait... can't WAIT to try it!! :)


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