Wednesday, May 25, 2011

scrub a tub.

today, i received a text message from my cousin. she wanted to come to my apartment and drop off some books for me to use in my classroom.

our apartment is super small. and i have to be honest. it gets cluttered pretty quickly. so when i received that text message... i went into instant panic. all i could think about was the laundry basket of folded towels sitting in our living room. and the mail that tim so kindly leaves on every table, couch and chair around the apartment.

i hustled through the door, and began a quick clean. i threw away mail, remade our bed with the pretty pillows, vacuumed, scrubbed the bathroom, dusted and took out the trash. all to get ready for our company.

i think i burned about 500 calories in this cleaning craziness.

when my cousin arrived, she carried a bag of books up the steps. chatted for about a minute. then had to go play some volleyball. 47 minutes of sweating and cleaning for her 3 minute stay.

good news though. i have some great books for summer reading...

and my apartment is sparkling on a wednesday night... i have three less chores to do on saturday!! woot! woot!!

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