Monday, May 2, 2011

birthday in the house!

i have been in a little bit of a funk over the past 24 hours(poor tim)... and i needed tonight to get rid of it...

today is my grandmother's 82nd birthday. for those of you don't her, she is a wonderful person and has a great sense of humor!

i sometimes wonder what is like being alive over the past 82 years. she has been through the great depression and world war II. she has seen the world change with music, television, telephones and internet. she truly is a person with experience, knowledge and wisdom.

tonight we went to dinner with mom and dad to celebrate her big day... it was nice to change our routine and go to dinner with my family. it made monday so much more enjoyable!

Weighed in this morning... new number is 144.0... i am happy with that... it's a loss!

next weigh-in: Monday, May 9th

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