Wednesday, April 13, 2011

meet tim.

just a quick overview of "us"... we were great friends in high school. lost touch for ten years. reconnected again on myspace... and then tim fell in love with me. HA! and shortly after... i fell for him. we were married on july 24, 2010... the best day of my life.

our first thanksgiving together, tim made an amazing corn casserole for our family dinner. and i bought a pie from the grocery store...

from there on, tim has cooked for me. from monthly anniversaries to holidays. now that we are married, tim continues to make dinners.... he really loves it... and i really love being his sous chef. i have learned how to cut a tomato and pepper (from watching youtube videos) and i can clean a mean pan.

tonight tim made a delicious indian dish. it had chick peas and crushed tomatoes. and for the side. a mediteranian cucumber salad. so healthy and delicious. i figured the whole meal to be about 550 calories.

and for dessert... marshmallows!!

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