Tuesday, April 12, 2011

excuses are like armpits...

i had every intention to do another 30 days of jillian michaels and her Shred... but i just couldn't get myself MOTIVATED to push the play button and get shreddin'...

maybe it is because i don't want to hear jillian's voice. maybe it is because i don't want to bother the neighbors downstairs with my jumping jacks. maybe it is because i got tired of looking at tiny girls doing the workouts in the video. maybe it is because i have been busy with my grad class and work. maybe it is because i am just trying to give any excuse in the book to not work out to the shred.

it is hard to believe that i use to love running... it takes all my might to move my body after work. it has been impossible to even do a 30 minute video. i need motivation to get this almost 30 year old body moving...

no more excuses. as a friend of mine says... excuses are like armpits. everyone has them and they all stink...

how do you get motivated to work out after a long day of work?


  1. I can't ever get motivated to work out after work (short or long day). I have to go in the morning or else I will come up with every excuse in the book. You need a buddy! :)

  2. Hey Theresa- I absolutely CANNOT workout after work, no matter how good my intentions are. We get up at 3:30 in the morning and workout at the gym 3-4 days a week. Morning is the way to go!!!

  3. i love working out in the morning... if i could only get myself out of bed! i do need a buddy!

    Kristin S- 3:30 in the morning... holy moly. i only see that time once a day... i bet you LOVE your days off! and so good to hear from you! it has been such a long time! :)

  4. I love working out at night....it is such a great time to decompress and not bring the stress of the day home with you. I put my bag in the car and never stop home before hitting the gym....that way there are NO excuses!!

  5. It is hard sometimes, cause I don't like having to change my clothes. I prefer working out in the morning -- that is why I love summer -- I workout in the morning. But, how I get motivated is I think about what I could look like if I don't do it (compared to how I look if I do it -- pretty shallow -- I know), how I would feel if I don't do it, I think about how good I feel after I have done it -- you know all about intrinsic rewards:)

  6. Marsi! bag in the car... great idea! i am totally going to try that!

    Dorothy... i agree...i love working out in the morning during the summer... school year though is ROUGH!


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