Saturday, March 26, 2011

lessons from a potato chip.

"bet you can't eat just one." remember that slogan. from lays potato chips. do they still have it? i am guessing, no. the way society is now, i bet people think it promotes obesity just like the slogan "super size me" from mcdonalds.

the other day i was sitting in my faculty meeting, and a very nice teacher friend told me that it is very hard for her to eat just one of something. she can't stop eating once she starts. and i am the same way!

i have known this about myself for years (the dorito chip basket)... and i put a plan in place to help me with this and i wanted to share.

zip lock baggies. they are a amazing. every night, i count out my snacks and zip them up in a baggie. i do this for lunch but also for my afternoon and evening snack. it takes maybe an extra four minutes of my night. when i come home from work, i take my snack bag off the table and start munching away. tim thinks i am wasting bags but i think this has been a very successful strategy to not sit there and eat a bag of crackers or chips. better to waste zip lock bags than waste a bag of snacks.

so i will definitely lose that bet on eating just one... but bet i can only eat just one serving.

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  1. get yourself some tiny rubbermaid containers...they make ones that are snack bag size...that way you're not wasting bags :) y(ou just have to run the dishwasher more often :P)


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