Sunday, January 30, 2011

childhood habits.

parties. my down fall.

some people say they eat because they are depressed, stressed, angry...

i usually don't eat with those emotions. i eat when i am happy. i eat the most when i am happy at a party. i think it is because of how i was raised.

my mom had us kids always have a bowl of cereal or something small for breakfast. i have grown up into an adult and do that now. my mom always packed me a lunch with a sandwich, fruit, cracker and something sweet. i do that now. my mom always made a healthy dinner with some kind of meat, or pasta, or veggie. again, i do that now. we ate a small snack in the afternoon. and i still do that.

when i was a child at a party. my mom let us eat. i remember being a ten year old dipping doritos in onion dip for what seemed like hours. i never left the junk table. and that is how i am as an adult. i love parties because i LOVE eating at them. oh. and socializing too as long as there is a chip in my hand:)

in my mind i feel like those calories shouldn't count. i feel like those 60 chips i ate should be only 100 calories and not 1000. but the reality is... i can easily consume 5,000 calories or more at a party. i don't even notice or realize how much i am eating at a party.

today i had a party. and i planned ahead. i drank a latte lite (which is so filling for 120 calories) before the party. i ate 3 tortilla chips and a wheat cracker. i then had the lunch that was served portioned. and i had NO cake! well... maybe just a small spoon of the icing.....all in all... i think it was a success... and a successful weekend.

bring on monday...

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