Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

lent is a big season in my family. when i was a kid, it was the worst time of the year. i went to catholic school and i remember having to give up our morning snack on fridays. i remember my parents telling me to "give up" something that i enjoy. OF COURSE i enjoyed candy and gum. so gum it always was. and then there was the no meat on fridays... we always had a pizza on fridays... forget the thought of going to mcdonalds for happy meal or eating chicken fingers.

fast forward 15 years. lent is still one of my most difficult times of the year. this year, i gave up sweetner. no more diet sodas. no more coffee with splenda. no more flavored water. here's to a month and a half of water drinking.

i was suppose to go out with a couple of girlfriends tonight but i am just feeling a little under the weather. i told tim we could whip up some eggs for dinner since we can't have meat and we didn't plan a dinner for tonight. he surprised me when he came home with a greek salad from saladworks. so much better than eggs. made my whole week.

happy wednesday!

1 day down. 39 more to go. :)

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